How do I check my land tax in Jamaica?

This Property Tax Online Query facility allows you to view your property tax obligations, payments and outstanding amounts over seven years. After viewing, you may proceed to make payments by logging on to the Jamaica Tax Portal at

Can I pay Jamaica property tax online?

Property owners are being encouraged to pay their Property Tax online via the TAJ Tax Portal at

How do I get a property tax certificate in Jamaica?

A Property Tax Payment Certificate can only be obtained by visiting your nearest tax office and requesting same from the supervisor.

How do I find my property valuation number in Jamaica?

If so, the Division requires the following information:

  1. Valuation Number: This can be obtained from your assessment notice or from a property tax receipt;
  2. The property address of the parcel.
  3. Copy of Registered Title (If property is registered)

How are property taxes paid in Jamaica?

Property tax becomes due on April 1 each year and may be paid in full, half yearly or quarter yearly instalment. Half yearly instalments are to be made on April1 and October 1 each year while quarterly instalments are to be made on April 1, July 1, October 1, and January 1.

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Does paying property tax give ownership in Jamaica?

Legal Notes. With the exception of the Government and certain exempted organisations, such as churches and schools, property tax is to be paid by all property owners in Jamaica. … What is important to note is that the person in possession may not necessarily be the owner of the property.

Does Jamaica property tax?

All residential and commercial properties are subject to tax in Jamaica. … Property Tax is a tax levied on property owners to provide revenue for the provision of public & community amenities provided by the local government. It is charged on the unimproved value of the land.

Who pays property tax in Jamaica?

Q. Who pays property tax? A. All people in possession of land; the Property Tax Act defines such a person as the owner, occupier, mortgagee in possession or any other person in actual possession of such property.

How do I claim my Jamaican tax return?

Filing online through the Jamaica Tax Portal (JTP) at allows for 24/7 access. To file online, a one-time registration is required. Contact the TAJ Customer Care Centre at 1-888-TAX-HELP (829-4357) for details. File early to avoid the last minute rush.

How is tax calculated?

By subtracting all the eligible deductions from the gross taxable income, you will arrive at your total income on which you need to pay tax basis your tax slab. This slab rate is different for senior citizens. Those who are over 60-years-old with up to Rs 3 lakh net income, the tax rate is nil.

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What is the cost for a valuation report in Jamaica?

$1000. The minimum fee is Ja $12,000. A 50% deposit is usually required prior to commencement of the appraisal and balance paid on completion of the valuation report.

How can I pay my land tax in Jamaica?

After viewing, you may proceed to make payments by logging on to the Jamaica Tax Portal at You may also generate and print your Payment Advice for payment at any Tax Office. Strata Lot No. enter up to 10 characters of strata lot number.

What is land valuation roll?

It contains data on parcels covered by registered titles and those that are unregistered. The Valuation Roll data relates to matters such as Ownership, Possession, Mailing Address, Property information including title reference (volume and folio numbers), location, size, value, and land use.

Is it cheaper to build or buy a house in Jamaica?

Building a house ought to work out cheaper than buying a house of the same ‘market price’. … The cost of building materials can swing substantially, depending on the supplier, demand, problems with importing, and the fluctuation in the Jamaican dollar. The quantity surveyor will give you the best estimate.

How much tax do you pay in Jamaica?

Personal income tax rates

Individuals are generally liable to income tax at the rate of 25% on their chargeable income (not exceeding JMD 6 million per annum) less an annual tax-free threshold (where applicable). Chargeable income derived in excess of JMD 6 million per annum is subject to income tax at a rate of 30%.

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What are the taxes in Jamaica?

Taxation System

– Main taxes are income tax, general consumption tax, customs duties, property tax, transfer tax, stamp duties. – Worldwide system of tax for income tax. For individuals rate is 25% and for companies rate is 33%. Individuals also pay statutory payroll deductions which amount to a further 5%.

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