Is income tax filing date extended?

The IRS announced earlier this month that the federal income tax filing due date for individuals is now May 17, 2021, postponed about month from its traditional April 15 due date. The federal tax filing postponement only applies to individual federal income tax returns and payments for the 2020 tax filing year.

Is the IRS going to extending the tax deadline?

For tax year 2017 Federal income tax returns, the normal April 15 deadline to claim a refund has also been extended to May 17, 2021. … Additionally, foreign trusts and estates with federal income tax filing or payment obligations, who file Form 1040-NR, now have until May 17, 2021.

Has the tax deadline been extended for 2021?

IRS extends the U.S. filing deadline for individuals to May 17. The U.S. Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service announced on March 17 that the U.S. federal income tax filing due date for individuals for the 2020 tax year will be automatically extended from April 15, 2021, to May 17, 2021.

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What is the last date for filing ITR for AY 2020 21?

What is the last date of ITR for AY 2020-21? The last day for filing Income tax returns for FY 2019-20 is 31st December 2020 for most of the individual taxpayers. Last date for income tax return filing for taxpayers whose accounts needs to be audited is 31st January 2021.

Is tax filing for 2019 extended?

The tax extension deadline is October 15, 2020. Even though the original tax return filing deadline was pushed back from April 15 to July 15 this year, the due date for filing an extended return didn’t change.

What is the last date for tax return 2019?

The filing deadline for tax returns has been extended from April 15 to July 15, 2020. The IRS urges taxpayers who are owed a refund to file as quickly as possible.

Can I still file my 2019 taxes electronically in 2021?

Keep in mind, if you owe taxes and don’t file an extension, you might be subject to Tax Penalties. After Oct. 15, 2021, you can no longer e-File IRS or State Income back taxes prior to Tax Year 2020.

What is the 2020 tax deadline?

31 October 2020

Tax return for all individuals and trusts where one or more prior year tax returns were outstanding as at 30 June 2020.

What happens if you don’t file your taxes on time?

Individuals who owe federal taxes will incur interest and penalties if they don’t file and pay on time. The penalty for not filing your taxes on time is 5% of your unpaid taxes for each month that the return is late, maxing out at 25%. For every month you fail to pay, the IRS will charge you 0.5%, up to 25%.

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Can I file ITR for 2020/21 now?

As per the proposal, this means that the last date for voluntarily filing the ITR for the current financial year, i.e., FY 2020-21 will be Dec 31, 2021. … The deadline of March 31 for voluntarily filing of ITR (also the deadline for filing belated ITR) is proposed to be shifted to Dec 31 of the assessment year.

Can I file revised return for AY 2020/21 now?

For instance: If an assessee files the return for Financial Year 2019-20 (Assessment Year 2020-21) upto31st December 2020. And later on, if he discovers some mistake, then he can file a revised return anytime up to 31 March 2021 or before the completion of Assessment, whichever is earlier.

Do I need to file a tax extension 2020?

If you find yourself unable to complete your 2020 federal tax return by the tax deadline, you’ll first need to file an extension with the IRS to avoid any potential late-filing or late payment penalties. Filing an extension will allow you to push your deadline to October 15, 2021.

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