Question: How can I get my SA302 from HMRC?

How do I obtain my SA302?

How do I get one from HMRC?

  1. log in to your HMRC online account.
  2. go to the “Self Assessment” section.
  3. then click on “More Self Assessment details”
  4. you can download your SA302 there.


Do HMRC still issue SA302?

Does HMRC still issue SA302 forms? Not any longer. … Now, you need to get your own form, either online or by phoning HMRC.

What is HMRC SA302?

SA302 is a statement given by HMRC that provides evidence of your earnings. It is, in every practical sense, HMRC’s presentation of an individual’s Income Tax calculation for that given tax year. You will be issued it following the submission of your Self Assessment tax return.

Can HMRC email SA302?

To its Visa, Mortgage, or loan, you will need SA302 from HM Revenue & Customs. … This cannot email or fax so relies on the HMRC post, which can take anything up to two weeks. To make the process easier HM Revenue & Customs is working with the lenders.

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How do I prove my income when self employed?

How to Show Proof of Income

  1. Locate all of your annual tax returns. Tax returns are your first go-to when it comes to income proof. …
  2. Bank statements indicate personal cash flow. …
  3. Make use of online accounting services that track payments and expenditures. …
  4. Maintain profit and loss statements.

Can I request SA302 online?

The easiest way to get your SA302 form is to download it on the . GOV website in your HMRC tax account, where you manage your taxes and file your tax return online.

How long does it take for HMRC to process 2020 online?

How long does a HMRC tax refund take? ​ On average, it can take HMRC up to 12 weeks to process a tax refund claim. Then anywhere from several days to 3-4 weeks on top of that to receive your rebate.

What’s the difference between SA302 and tax overview?

The form shows your income for the year and how much tax you owe. … An additional document called a Tax Year Overview verifies that the SA302 information is correct.

How do I get my SA302 and tax year overview?

How to get your SA302’s and Tax Year Overviews

  1. Go to HMRC website and sign in. You will need your Government Gateway credentials to sign in.
  2. Click ‘Self Assessment’ from your HMRC account homepage.
  3. Click ‘Get your SA302 Tax Calculation’ and ‘Continue to your SA302’.
  4. Print your full calculation.


What is a tax year UK?

A UK tax year runs from 6 April to the following 5 April. … The 31 January during the tax year would be 31 January 2022, the 5 October following the end of the tax year would be 5 October 2022 and the 31 January following the end of the tax year would be 31 January 2023.

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What does a tax year overview show?

The Tax Year Overview is produced by HMRC after the customer has submitted their self-assessment tax return. It shows the amount of tax due to be paid direct to HMRC or any available amount for refund for a given tax year.

How can I contact HMRC by telephone?

What is HMRC’s phone number?

  1. Telephone: Tax: 0300 200 3300, Self Assessment 0300 200 3310.
  2. Textphone: Tax 0300 200 3319, Self Assessment 0300 200 3319.
  3. Outside UK: +44 135 535 9022.

Can HMRC fax SA302?

You can ask HMRC to fax the document to you, or directly to your broker or accountant – but always ask for it to be posted as your mortgage broker will usually be required to certify that they have seen the original.

How can I check if my tax return has been processed UK?

If you think you might be due an income-tax refund and want to check your tax refund status, call 0300 200 3300 or go to the GOV.UK website.

How long does it take to get a tax year overview?

HMRC will tell you it takes about 14 days to come through, which is why you should request it sooner rather than later – we have seen some come through as quickly as 5 days and other take 3 weeks.

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