Quick Answer: Which is considered as a non tax revenue receipt of the government?

Non-tax revenue or non-tax receipts are government revenue not generated from taxes. For example – bond issues and profits of state-owned companies.

Which of the following is a non tax revenue receipt?

Non-tax receipts of the government are all those revenue receipts of the government that is not a part of tax receipts of the government be it a direct tax or indirect tax. For example – fees, fines, escheats, gifts and grants, interest and dividends on investment, etc.

Which are the non tax revenue of the government?

Description: The most important receipts under this head are interest receipts (received on loans given by the government to states, railways and others) and dividends and profits received from public sector companies.

Which is not a non tax revenue receipts?

The revenue receipts that are not generated by public taxing is called non-tax revenue receipts. This is the money that the government earns as profits and dividends from making a profit through public enterprises. … Also, the money that is accrued by the government in the form of penalties, fees, fines, etc.

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Which is not tax receipt?

Non Tax Revenue Receipts are those revenue receipts which are not generated by Taxing the public. Money which the Government earns as “Dividends and profits” from its profit making public enterprises (PSUs). Interest which the Government earns on the money lent by it to external or internal borrowers.

What are the examples of non tax revenue?

Sources of Non Tax revenue of State Government

  • Police services.
  • Home guards.
  • Electricity.
  • Administrative services.
  • Municipal services.
  • Jobs through state public services boards.
  • Sale of stationery.
  • Gazettes.

Which of the following is an example of non tax revenue?

Interest receipts and dividends and profits are the examples of non-tax revenue components of the Union Budget of India, that means, tax revenue cannot be collected by the government from these items.

What are the 5 major sources of revenue for the government?

Sources of Government Revenue: 9 Sources | Economics

  • Source # 1. Tax: …
  • Source # 2. Rates: …
  • Source # 3. Fees: …
  • Source # 4. Licence fee: …
  • Source # 5. Surplus of the public sector units: …
  • Source # 6. Fine and penalties: …
  • Source # 7. Gifts and grants: …
  • Source # 8. Printing of paper money:

What are the two sources of public revenue?

In this opinion, there are two main sources of public revenue — taxes and prices. Taxes are paid compulsorily whereas prices are paid voluntarily by individuals, who enter into contracts with the public authority.

What is non-tax revenue give two example?

Examples of non-tax revenue include bond issues and profits from state-owned companies. Some government agencies earn non-tax revenue through user fees. For example, a bank regulator may charge the banks that it regulates some percentage of their assets for the privilege of being regulated.

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Is grant a non tax revenue?

The sources of the non-tax revenues of the government are the Public incomes received through the administration, gifts, and grants, and commercial enterprises.

Is custom duty a non tax revenue?

Definition: Customs Duty is a tax imposed on imports and exports of goods. While revenue is a paramount consideration, Customs duties may also be levied to protect the domestic industry from foreign competition. …

What is revenue receipt example?

Examples of Revenue Receipts

Money received for services provided to customers. Rent received. Discount received from suppliers, vendors or creditors. … Revenue earned by the sale of scrap material or waste etc.

What are the 2 types of revenue receipts?

For the government, there are two sources of revenue receipts — tax revenues and non-tax revenues.

Is a revenue receipt of the government?

Government receipts which neither create asset nor reduce any liability are called Revenue Receipts. Essentially, these are current income receipts for the government from all sources. Revenue Receipts are further classified into tax revenue and non-tax revenue.

Which of the following is a revenue receipt of the government?

Services provided by company secretary are in the normal course of business, therefore, it is a revenue receipt.

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