They are fiscal identification numbers. NIF = Número de Identificación Fiscal (for individuals) CIF = Certificado de Identificación Fiscal (for companies) It’s a Spanish thing ;-) If you couldn’t even put your passport number in that field to get.

What is CIF and NIF?

There are three different Spanish tax numbers that are used for a wide range of legal, economic, and social activities: the NIF (for Spanish citizens), the NIE number (for non-citizens such as foreign residents or non-residents with property in Spain), and the CIF (for businesses).

What is a Spanish CIF number?

CIF (Certificado de Identificación Fiscal)

This is the tax ID number for all companies. It consists of a letter followed by 8 digits. The letter represents the type of company, the most common being an ‘A’ for Sociedad Anónima or a ‘B’ for Sociedad Limitada.

What is NIF NIE?

​Generally speaking, the Tax Identification Number (NIF) for Spanish citizens is the number on the National Identification Document (DNI). For Non-Spanish citizens, is the Foreigner Identification Number (NIE). Both documents (DNI and NIE) are issued by the Spanish Ministry of Interior.

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Is NIF a VAT number?

The Spanish VAT number is known in Spain as “Número de Identificación Fiscal” (short form: NIF) and is a prerequisite for European trade. Originally, the Spanish VAT number was known as “Código de Identificación Fiscal”.

What is the difference between NIF and NIE?

As a general rule, the Tax ID Number (NIF) of the individuals of Spanish nationality will be their DNI (Spanish National ID) followed by the verification code and for those that are not Spanish nationals, it will be the NIE (Foreign National ID).

What is a CIF?

Cost, insurance, and freight (CIF) is an expense paid by a seller to cover the costs, insurance, and freight of a buyer’s order while it is in transit. … Once the freight loads, the buyer becomes responsible for all other costs. CIF is similar but not the same as carriage and insurance paid to (CIP).

What is the difference between CIF and NIF in Spain?

NIF (Número de Identificación Fiscal): This is the generic term for the tax ID number for all individuals. … CIF (Certificado de Identificación Fiscal): This is the tax ID number for all companies. It consists of a letter followed by 8 digits (example: B12345678). The letter represents the type of entity.

What is Spanish VAT called?

Value added tax

VAT (IVA in Spanish: impuesto sobre el valor añadido or impuesto sobre el valor agregado) is due on any supply of goods or services sold in Spain. The current normal rate is 21% which applies to all goods which do not qualify for a reduced rate or are exempt.

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Is a TIN number the same as UTR?

The United Kingdom does not issue TINs in a strict sense, but it does have two TIN-like numbers, which are not reported on official documents of identification: 1. The unique taxpayer reference (UTR). … The NINO can be quoted as the tax reference number on some official documents from HM Revenue and Customs.

What does NIF mean in English?


Acronym Definition
NIF Not In File
NIF Navy Industrial Fund
NIF No- Image Forming (light)
NIF Non-Invasive Flow Study

How do I get a NIF?

How to get your NIF number in Portugal

  1. Find your closest Finanças.
  2. Get proof of your address from your home country.
  3. Bring your proof of address and ID to Finanças.
  4. Get your NIF!


Who needs an NIE in Spain?

Any foreigner who becomes resident for tax purposes in Spain needs an NIE number in Spain. 2. Any non-resident foreigner who buys property in Spain. If a couple buys a property in Spain together, and they register the property in both their names, then both of them must obtain an NIE number in Spain.

How can I check a VAT number?

For the UK you can ring the HMRC helpline (VAT Helpline: 0845 010 9000 open 8.00 am to 8.00 pm Monday to Friday) or use a mathematical check that the number is correct. To check that a UK VAT number is valid you should first check that it is 9 digits long.

What is a NIF number in UK?

It is a unique combination of letters and/or numbers used to identify an individual or entity for the purposes of administering the tax laws of that jurisdiction.

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