Do I have to pay taxes on StockX?

When you buy an item on StockX, the required taxes may vary depending on the item’s price, composition, and your location. … Your business will be responsible for the sales tax burden on your future sale, but you will be exempt from paying tax on your purchase from StockX.

Do you have to pay taxes on reselling shoes?

The IRS considers high-volume resellers that are moving pairs much more frequently as self-employed. If you are continuously reselling sneakers in an effort to make a profit, your income must be claimed on Schedule C of your tax form.

Do you have to pay taxes as a reseller?

Generally, resellers to do pay sales tax when they purchase the items,but must collect sales tax when those items are sold to the end user. … Resellers are liable for sales taxes for items that they sell in a state if the business is “physically present” within a state.

What is the sales tax on StockX?

For all StockX sales there is a 3% payment processing fee, as well as a transaction fee that is dependent on the level of your seller account and the item you are selling.

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Why is there sales tax on StockX?

As of April 1, 2020 we started collecting sales tax for purchases made in Georgia. As of March 1, 2021 we started collecting sales tax for purchases made in Kansas and Tennessee. Sales tax will apply based on your shipping address and NOT your billing address.

How do I avoid paying taxes on StockX?

Reach out to us with a photo ID and proof of your tax exemption (form, card, or certificate) and we will help we will help walk you through the process to register for tax exemption on our platform.

Is reselling shoes illegal?

No, reselling shows is perfectly legal. You can bump/lower the price as much as you want and you will be safe. Just make sure that the shoes you are selling are authentic; you don’t want to go through the extra trouble with the buyer.

How much can I make on eBay without paying taxes?

You will have to pay income tax on anything you sell on eBay once you sell $20,000 or more and exceed 200 transactions.

What can I write off as a reseller?

Do you sell online? Don’t miss these 21 tax write offs!

  1. Online Advertising. Every dollar you spend on Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, etc. is a tax deductible expense!
  2. Shipping & packaging. …
  3. Inventory costs. …
  4. Card processing fees. …
  5. Industry education. …
  6. Website expenses. …
  7. Email software. …
  8. Platform commissions.

Does venmo report to IRS?

If you decide to start paying individuals via Venmo, you must send them a 1099-MISC form to those you pay over $600 in a calendar year. This is because this income is considered taxable and must be reported to the IRS. … This is because this income is considered taxable and must be reported to the IRS.

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Do you get a 1099 from StockX?

US Sellers will only get a 1099 if they have made 200 or more transactions and at least $20,000 from sales on StockX. PayPal will provide those documents at the end of the year.

How much is tax and shipping on StockX?

As of that day, the company will be tacking on a 3 percent processing fee to any purchases made on its app, on top of the $13.95 shipping plus tax it already charges to customers in the U.S. Outside the states, where StockX already has processing fees in place, it said those will increase by 1 percent.

Can you return on StockX?

Are returns or exchanges allowed? Due to the anonymous nature of our live market, we are unable to offer returns, exchanges or swaps – including if you ordered the wrong size. The good news is you can always resell with us if you no longer want your item.

How is StockX taxed?

Sales tax will apply based on your shipping address and NOT your billing address. Sales tax will apply to all purchases for applicable states, even for current bids that are live and hit later. Some states include shipping in the sales tax calculation while other states exclude – varies by state law.

Does StockX have promo codes?

Most StockX coupon codes will give free shipping on your order or a certain dollar amount off your next purchase. The most popular StockX discount code is the first-purchase code, which… On average, we find a new StockX coupon code every 5 days.

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How much does StockX shipping cost?

These costs will be included in the price breakdown at the time you place your bid or make your purchase.


Market Currency Buyer Shipping Rate
US (Sneakers, Streetwear, Handbags, Watches) USD $13.95
US (Trading Cards) USD $5.00
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