Question: How do I change my KRA tax obligation?

How do I remove VAT obligation KRA?

To have the obligation canceled, the taxpayer is required to write a letter to the commissioner to have the obligation deactivated, or removed. You can download this template and edit it if you want VAT obligation removed from your Tax PIN.

How do I amend VAT obligation on iTax?

How to Apply for VAT Obligation on Itax

  1. Log into the iTax portal. …
  2. Click on Registration Tab and select Amend Pin Details.
  3. Select Online Form as the Mode of Amendment, click next to proceed.
  4. On the Amendment tab, click on the Pin check box.


How do I edit my KRA profile?

Once you have access of the iTax dashboard, go to its menu then under Registration open the Amend PIN Details option. 5. This will open a e-Amendment of Registration form with details of your Applicant Type, Taxpayer PIN and Taxpayer names filled already.

How do I register tax obligation on iTax?

How to Register

  1. Visit
  2. Select “New PIN Registration”
  3. Select “Non-Individual” and “Online Form” as your mode of registration.
  4. Fill in your basic information.
  5. Select suitable tax obligation by checking the relevant boxes.
  6. Enter details of company directors or partners.
  7. Fill in agent details if you have one.
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How do I remove VAT?

To work out a price excluding the standard rate of VAT (20%) divide the price including VAT by 1.2. To work out a price excluding the reduced rate of VAT (5%) divide the price including VAT by 1.05.

What is a tax obligation?

Tax Obligation means a duty or obligation to pay all applicable taxes, interest, penalties and costs of collection. … Tax Obligation means a total amount of the tax received (assessed) by the taxpayer during the accounting (tax) period, which amount has been determined pursuant to this Law.

How do I amend an already filed tax return?

Use Form 1040X to amend a federal income tax return that you filed before. Make sure you check the box at the top of the form that shows which year you are amending. Since you can’t e-file an amended return, you’ll need to file your Form 1040X on paper and mail it to the IRS.

When can I amend my 2020 tax return?

You generally must file an amended return within three years of the date you filed the original return or within two years after the date you paid the tax, whichever is later.

Can I correct my tax return after filing?

Taxpayers who discover they made a mistake on their tax returns after filing can file an amended tax return to correct it. … Complete and mail the paper Form 1040-X, Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return. Taxpayers must file an amended return on paper whether they filed the original return on paper or electronically.

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What happens if you dont file KRA returns?

Penalty – 20% of tax involved is charged. Offence – Failure to file annual returns by the due date. Penalty – Additional tax equal to 5% of the normal tax, or Ksh. 10,000 in for Non-Individual Taxpayers.

What is the return period for KRA?

January 1 st , 2021 marked the beginning of the tax return filing season for the 2020 year of income. All annual tax returns for the year 2020 for individuals and for entities with a December year end should be submitted online through the iTax platform on or before 30th June 2021.

Can I change my KRA email?

Option 1 via Email

login to your new email account and compose a new mail to with the subject “CHANGE EMAIL. “ In the message body section, give the reason you require to change the email address and provide your KRA PIN to speed up the process of changing your email address.

How do you calculate tax obligation?

Your taxable income minus your tax deductions equals your gross tax liability. Gross tax liability minus any tax credits you’re eligible for equals your total income tax liability.

How do I check my tax obligation on iTax?

How To Check KRA Tax Obligation On KRA iTax Portal

  1. Step 1: Visit KRA iTax Portal using …
  2. Step 2: Click On PIN Checker. …
  3. Step 3: Enter KRA PIN Number And Solve Arithmetic Question (Security Stamp) …
  4. Step 4: KRA Tax Obligation Details.


What is PAYE obligation?

PAYE is a method of collecting tax from individuals,both Resident and Non-resident, in gainful employment. … As an employer you are required to deduct PAYE from your employees’ salaries and wages at the prevailing rates and remit the same to KRA on or before the 9th of the following month.

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