Question: Why do I have two TurboTax accounts?

Is it bad if I have two TurboTax accounts?

Having two TurboTax accounts is okay. But it’s important to make sure you know which tax returns you’re filing with which accounts. Sometimes folks get in a panic because they’ve filed via one account and then are looking for their information in another account.

How do I combine my TurboTax accounts?

Sorry, TurboTax does not have an option to merge accounts. Just use the most current account and let the other one go dormant. You would want to use just one account so when you start a return the prior year information transfer to the current return.

Can I have two TurboTax accounts with the same email?

You can have up to 5 accounts using the same email address. Each account would have its own User ID and password. If you need assistance accessing your accounts, please visit the following TurboTax FAQ: How many TurboTax Accounts do I have?

How do I merge my Intuit accounts?

Both are associated with the same email address, but have separate usernames/passwords. There is NO way to merge or link accounts.

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Is Mint and TurboTax the same?

Mint finds tax documents and can help you jump-start your taxes by importing them into TurboTax. Certain 1099 tax documents for the financial institutions you’ve linked to your Mint account will be identified and you can select which you want to be imported.

Can I have 2 Intuit accounts?

If you have more than one Intuit Account, you can sign in to each one to manage the data connected to each account.

Can I use a different TurboTax account?

If you are using TurboTax Online you can only prepare and file one return per account. If you need to prepare another return, another account will need to be used/created. You can create up to 5 accounts with the same email address. The TurboTax product will need to be purchased under each account.

How do I delete my TurboTax account?

TurboTax: TurboTax accounts cannot be deleted. As long as you haven’t paid your TurboTax Online fee (or registered a cost-free version), you can clear any data you entered using the Clear and Start Over feature. Once you’ve paid or registered, the law requires Intuit to store copies of your return.

How do I delete my Intuit account?

Sign in to your Intuit account here.

  1. Sign in to your Intuit account here.
  2. Select Data privacy or Privacy.
  3. Continue through the screens, select to delete only your Mint account (so your TurboTax data isn’t affected), and answer our questions until you get to the Send your request screen.

Can I make a second TurboTax account?

If you still want to start another return in TurboTax Online, here’s what to do: Sign out of TurboTax Online. Select the TurboTax Online product you want to use for the second return and proceed. On the Create your account screen, set up a new user ID for the second return.

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Can I use TurboTax for multiple family members?

You can’t use TurboTax Online to file more than one person’s income tax return(s) but you can use the TurboTax CDDownload version.

How many returns can I do with TurboTax Online?

In TurboTax Online, you can prepare and e-file one federal and up to five associated state returns under the same login.

Can you merge two QuickBooks online accounts?

Merging QuickBooks accounts is an irreversible process, so be certain that this is the process that works best for your needs. You can merge only two accounts at a time, and both accounts have to be the same type of account. In most cases, you can change the account type to match the new account.

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