Your question: Which of the following affects national income goods and services tax Corporation tax subsidies none of the above?

Which of the following affects national income Goods and Service Tax Corporation tax subsidies none of the above?

Corporation tax affects the national income as it is the part of corporate profits.

Which of the following affects national income a GST B corporation tax C subsidies d none of these?

Corporate tax increases the national income since the tax collected is considered as part of the Government revenue. The subsidies also have got impact on the national income only that it reduces the government revenue since the subsidies is given out as the government expenditure but not as revenue.

How do subsidies affect national income?

Subsidies are given by the government to reduce the cost of production of goods and services. Thus while calculating national income, the net indirect taxes are subtracted, while the subsidies are added.

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Which are the factors affecting national income?

Factors affecting national income are as follows:

  • Natural and human resources.
  • Technical knowledge.
  • Political stability.
  • Terms of trade.
  • Foreign investment.

Which of the following does not affect national income?

The reselling will not be considered as new product and hence will not affect the national product.

How many types of direct tax are there?

Direct Taxes vs.

There are basically two types of taxes – direct and indirect taxes. The following are the differences between the two: Direct taxes refer to taxes that are filed and paid by an individual directly to the government.

Is GST affect national income?

A National Council of Applied Economic Research study suggested that GST could boost India’s GDP growth by 0.9-1.7 per cent. … The service tax rate could shoot up from the current level of 15 percent (including Krishi Kalyan Cess). Under the GST tax regime, this tax rate may go up to 18%.

Is GST part of national income?

Yes, it will be included in the national income as it is a part of capital formation and leads to production of goods and services in the economy. … No, it will not be included in the national income as it does not add to the flow of goods and services in the economy. ADVERTISEMENTS: 3.

Are subsidies included in national income?

National income includes payments to individuals (income from wages and salaries, and other income), plus payments to government (taxes), plus retained income from the corporate sector (depreciation, undistributed profits), less adjustments (subsidies, government and consumer interest, and statistical discrepancy).

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Why do we add subsidies in national income?

Value of output must equal the value of incomes generated. Thus, indirect taxes are to be excluded. … Value of output must equal the value of all incomes. So, subsidies are to be added.

Why national income is calculated at factor cost?

Factor cost or national income by type of income is a measure of national income or output based on the cost of factors of production, instead of market prices. This allows the effect of any subsidy or indirect tax to be removed from the final measure. … They are used to produce a given quantity of output in an economy.

What are subsidies in national income?

Definition: Subsidy is a transfer of money from the government to an entity. It leads to a fall in the price of the subsidised product. Description: The objective of subsidy is to bolster the welfare of the society. It is a part of non-plan expenditure of the government.

What are the four factors of national income?

Factors of National Income

GDP includes government expenditures, consumption, exports, imports, and investment of India.

What are the types of national income?

5. Major Classes of National Incomes:

  • Wages and Salaries: These are called income from employment since these represent that part of the value of production which is attributed to labour. …
  • Gross Trading Profits: …
  • Capital Consumption Allowance: …
  • Income of the Self-Employed: …
  • Imputed Income:

What are the methods of national income determination?

The national income of a country can be measured by three alternative methods: (i) Product Method (ii) Income Method, and (iii) Expenditure Method.

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